It is based on the latest technology which produces online, real-time, on screen graphs, chart and other such graphical interfaces, allowing the viewer to see that their opinion matters.


It is based on the interaction between TV broadcaster & Mobile users, where in the mobile user sends a message & this message is ether displayed on the TV screen or contributes to the results of the contest that's being aired.


Multimedia Messaging Service, is a mobile phone standard for sending rich messages (multimedia objects- images, audio, video, rich text). The most popular use of MMS is sending photographs from camera-equipped handsets, also popular as a method of sending ringtones as well.

The delivery of MMS message is almost similar to SMS, but any multimedia rich content is first encoded and inserted into a text message. The message is then forwarded to the carrier's MMS store and forward server, the "MMS relay". Once it reaches the MMS relay for the receiver, the text content is extracted and sent to a temporary storage server & then the content is sent to the recipient's handset.

Voice to TV

Voice can be recorded on particular Short Code and the same telecasted on TV using Voice to TV service.